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ATEK LLC activity is in full accordance with principals and vision which it follows in all stages of works starting with design documentation stage up to the stage of commissioning.

On the basis of science and technological innovations and modern methods of management, ATEK LLC achieves high quality of construction works, combination of planning, regulation and control, safety, due concern about human resources, financing and economy.
ATEK LLC exercises constant control over all stages of construction starting with blue-print stage up to the stage of commissioning. ATEKs own activity is being controlled in all stages by way of approving of construction and financial schedules by Clients, risk and safety monitoring, fire safety regulation improvement and quality control.

Due to our company is doing business with the latest technological tools and developments are included and the foremost experience is involved in the process of construction, ATEK LLC has the opportunity to solve technically complicated problems and define new targets to achieve new goals.

Speeding up the specified high rates of construction begins in design and preliminary works stage, continues in the course of construction and completes in the immobilization stage and handing the project over to the Client.

ATEK prime concern in all our projects is focused on the single goal: WORK WITHOUT ACCIDENTS. The real success for us is NO accidents / accident-free work in the construction sites ATEK LLC pays great attention to environmental and human life safety for those people who works not only for us but with us both on the construction sites and in offices. Such goal-oriented manner to attach value and be respectful to people and environment gives the peace a chance to become better, brighter and more safe and free from danger.

Employees who are working with ATEC company possess a great professional experience and competence, so they can be regarded as one of the most important factor which defines the high quality of the construction works being executed by ATEK LLC.

ATEK LLC believes that the level of employees job skill depends on training and educational level, so our company pays much consideration to continuous training and improvement of working habits among employees.

One point that ATEK LLC always keeps in mind as the main goal is to meet our Clients requirements due to high professional job skill of our employees and eagerness to provide customer satisfaction in every demand.

The following points should always be kept in mind when ATEK LLC working towards their goals: the continuous growth employees job skill level, providing constant control to achieve safety and quality of works on every construction site. ATEK LLC continues moving in this direction step by step, but very speedy, getting hold a pioneering and exemplary post in our sector of business, coming to a stop only for a while to evaluate every individual project according to ATEK LLC vision and mission.

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